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How does the automatic redemption and distribution protocol work?

1. Filling of redemption reserves
The EverFrogeinu (FROGE) token is stabilized by automatic repurchase. A commission of 8.5% for each transaction (purchase, sale and transfer) is collected and stored in the contract as a liquidity reserve (buyback reserves).
2.Performing automatic redemption
The contract buyback feature, also known as "Kraken", is coded to automatically purchase $FROGE tokens off-market using native coins stored in buyback reserves to support the liquidity pool, reduce pressure from sellers and reduce selling pressure and increase buying pressure. The reserves for repurchase can only be used to purchase $FROGE tokens.
3. The usefulness of the $FROGE token
Thanks to independent automatic volume-based repurchase systems, the $FROGE token can remain stable and perform better than other coins during downward market trends. Thanks to our repurchase and distribution protocol, holders are encouraged to receive diamonds, which further ensures the long-term success of the project.
EverFrogeinu ($FROGE) will bring NFT to market as part of P2E skill-based games. The games will be mini-arcade games that include puzzles, races and sports competitions. You bet $FROGE tokens against another player to get a chance to get a part of the prize.
We have prepared a Limited NFT Community, and early access to BETA v.1 of our Game. You can check it out right now!
Address: AKdpDskZbN1hyMBepT4ejXnjiWEW3tY5U8mN2tNX65Ay
Symbol: FROGE
Decimals: 9

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